St. István Basilica

Day of Helén in Hungary. This name comes from the greek Helena.
St. Stephen basilica Yesterday I was in the building of the Open Society Institute to have a speech on a board meeting. Open Society Institute was established by George Soros (Soros György) the Hungarian-American businessman and it has been very active from the early 90's in building up democratic institutions and promoting changes in health and social care systems such as deinstitutionalisation of disabled people or people with mental health problems in Eastern European countries.
The photo was taken from the 8th floor of their building. The top of the St. Stephen Basilica is visible above the roofs.


Jazzy said...

great view.

yes Soros is a great man, he helped a lot young people in Bosnia and Bosnian people around the world with his Soros foundation

Olivier said...

St. Stephen Basilica est sublime. Superbe photo avec une vue extraordinaire

Jing said...

nice view and nice colours!!!
Soros, I think I know this guy a little..,but thats not my feild~~
have a nice weekend.

Annie said...

Rooftops in cities are very interesting to see.

George Soros doesn't just focus on the top of things, does he. He looks to reconstruct the foundations.

Do you work in mental health?

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

That's a fantastic view!

Zsolt72 said...

thanks for the comments!:)

Jazzy, Annie:

yes..Soros is a very active man in different fields. My field is mental health so I know his activity in this field better.

Nathalie said...

The basilica is an sumptuous building. I think I would have been tempted to crop some of the bottom of the photo to focus more on the basilica itself, but then this shot gives us a better perspective on its real surroundings...