Autumn morning

Day of Brúnó and Renáta in Hungary. Brúnó is an old north-german name with the meaning of brown, bear. Renáta comes from latin. It means: re-born.
autumn morning I took this photo today morning around 7 am. The sunshine is weaker day by day autumn is about giving the territory to the coldness step by step. Its like the last trial to warm up the quiet backyard but birds are leaving..they know who will be the winner.


Annie said...

This is a very inviting pathway. It would make a nice diversion to stroll along in the morning sunshine.

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Kris said...

Great post and photo! i like how you describe the autumn :)

Jing said...

nice and quiet morning shot!
autumn...a little sad now~~
have a nice weekend there.

Candice & Megan said...

Beautiful shot! I love the early morning sun!

Sadia said...

This is a really lovely shot. I like little daily inspirations like this. Your blog is an interesting read. Thank you for your comments!

Sally said...

Superb photo and evocative description - very literary!