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Day of Blanka in Hungary. The name has a Spanish origin. It means shining, clean.
Savoyai Eugen
With this post I shall continue with the exploration of the palace of Buda as you've requested.:) This handsome guy is "François-Eugène, Prince of Savoy-Carignan (October 18, 1663 – April 24, 1736), known as Prinz Eugen von Savoyen in German, was arguably the greatest general to serve the Habsburgs" as wikipedia says. He has a statue in the palace of Buda because in 1686, he led the coalition army against the Turks who had occupied Buda for 150 years. It was a great job....and we are really thankful (see we raised a statue) but as we are used to it, everyone who comes here to liberate us...somehow forgets to leave. This happened with the Habsburgs too.:)


Anonymous said...

Same thing with us, Swedish "liked" Finnish 500 years until Russian came
to liberate us and forget to leave as you nicely said:)They occupied Finland over 100 years, we got the independence 1917.
But now everything is so good as it can bee between those two.Sweden - no harm, Russia - we must think twice:)
Everything best for you!

Olivier said...

la statue et la place sont superbes et merci pour les explications.
On en apprend tous les jours et c'est bien agreable.

the statue and the place are superb and thank you for the explanations. One learns from them the every day and it is quite pleasant.

Kate said...

"forgets to leave us" is an interesting statement on occupation!

Jing said...

ur...history story, i like. :))
but each time when i learned some history about Europe, why I forgot it so easy?? (embarrassed...)

btw.i like today's name.

zannnie said... profound depth and historical background for the palace in Buda.

Thanks for sharing, I will take a closer look at his face to see how handsome he is!;) heh heh.. Thanks for your participation for that mini ''DAWN or DUSK" Quiz :) It was taken at 4:59PM ;) so it's a sunset:)

I am always willing to wake up for the sake of the beautiful sunrise, cos you know i really love the sky and sunshine. However, in Singapore it is hard to find a good spot for watching it.


Annie said...

I have heard that it's hard to leave Budapest. I suppose you have a lot of American ex-patiates there, right?

Meg Nakagawa said...

Next time, wait until they leave before you feel thankful and erect a statue... But seriously, great history.

Zsolt72 said...

thank you for the comments:) you are so nice always sharing with me your thoughts.

Mimmu..I guess the recent relation between Sweden and Finland could be a sample for several countries. For example about how to treat minorities.

Olivier..I like to visit DP sites (icluding your very French one) because I learn a lot from them!

Kate...occupation is the fact..but expressing it in a funny way maybe shows that there is no anger anymore. can name your daughter Blanka. It will sound very unique in the school:)

wow...Zannnie..I won then:) are right. Budapest (and Prague) is very popular among Americans. More then 40.000 Americans live in my city they can stay for 90 days without VISA. When the time is over they go to Párkány (Sturovo, Slovakia) or to Vienna (Austria) for a dinner and enter the country for a next 3 months period. And suddenly they recognize: hey I live here:)

Meg: ..good advise..i just hope there wont be next time.