National theatre

Day of Brigitta in Hungary. Its originally an old Irish name means strong, moral.
National Theater This is the building of the National Theatre. Its a new building a little far from the downtown at the Danube. In front of the theater is a road for bicycles and usually I ride my bike there and try being as fast as possible not to bother the couples sitting on the benches along the river:)


Olivier said...

L'architecture de ce theatre est superbe.

Jing said...

great building there!!
and vivid comments you wrote ...I like the nice description~~

Kate said...

It certainly is mammoth!

Annie said...

This is a very imposing building - it looks like a theatre building! Nice to ride by, quickly, so as to see those sitting and talking, but not to get caught up in the conversations.

Shorty said...

I love this building, especially the curves. It reminds me a bit of the Alamodome in San Antonio. You can't really see the curves, but they are there, take my word for it—or look at this website.

Zsolt72 said...

thank you all for the visit and comments!
Shorty I checked the Alamodome and its really a bit similar.:)