Day of Gyöngyi in Hungary. Old Hungarian name comes from the word gyöngy (pearl).
23th of October 1956. The day when the Hungarian revolution started. Today we are celebrating its 50th anniversary. I posted again two photos showing the place 50 years ago and nowdays (I took it last week). This is the Corvin alley where a movie theatre is located. Strategically there is an important cross of roads right behind the buildings where Russian tanks coming from the east on the road No 4. had to move toward the downtown of Budapest. Few Hungarians created a command post in this alley maintaining the resistance for days against the Russian tanks with 16-year-old youths. The memorial which you can see on the photo below is referring to them. Its a young boy with weapon and the Hungarian flag behind him. You can find more photos here, and my writing about 1956 here.
Corvin Movie Theatre


Kris said...

Corvin was the first movie theatre i visited. We had some fun time there. Therefore, I cant imagine this is what happened 50 years ago ..

This is completely out of topic but is the Gyros shop still there? i think operated by Greek family :)

Zsolt72 said...

yes Kris..its still there.:) And it seems very famous because its my favorite gyros place too.

Lachezar said...

I'd been 4 years old then.
But what happened in Hungary in 1956 resonated with reverence and respect for years to come in the so called "eastern block" and Bulgaria in particular.

As your photographs bring good memories, I’ll tell you a little story.
I was in Budapest in the summer of 1988. I didn’t have much money, so I’d taken with me a few prints of my photographs which I was hoping to sell to complement my living.
I went to the Cathedral where artists sit and sell their works. I didn’t have a permit of course.
I asked for some space to sit and display my photos. All they asked from me was to swear that I’m not Russian, and not to utter a word in Russian. I did, and so I had an unforgettable afternoon in (my then) broken English. They accepted me, defended me from the permit man, and I did sell quite a few photos which prolonged my stay in your beautiful city. If artists still sit by the cathedral, I’ll appreciate if you take a photo in some of your wanderings. For good old days sake :)

Best wishes

Nathalie said...

1956 - thanks for sharing with us the memory of this very moving moment in the history of Hungary.

Lachezar, your story is extraordinary!

James R said...

Thanks for sharing this anniversary.

Jing said...

wish you have the nice time for your 50th anniversary!!
and do you have the long term holidays??? :D hope you have....
Great compared photos! i like this way you showed us about the history of your city and country!
have a nice day there!!

Lisi said...

this is a meaningful post and you have brought many thoughts to my mind with your article.

I knew what you mean by finding out at 17 things taught in school might not be true. Under British rule, our history syllabus was carefully designed to avoid certain topics, though they did not alter the facts.

1989 was when the Tiananmen Massacare took place in China, which indirectly led to the collapse of the USSR...Eastern Europe is free today, but not quite so China, and people are blinded by its economic success

and lastly, what a big waste of young lives in these historical events.

and yes, Lachezar, your story is extraordinary!

Kate said...

I checked both of your links and read your comments with interest. Skeptism is not wrong; it's important to maintain a balance, however. Getting many different opinions and viewpoints helps to form an intellegent conclusion on many issues. Sometimes that's difficult, but keep digging. I chose to believe that the Hungarians 50 years ago were brave people who eventually got the freedom they deserve. (Sorry, the educator in me always seems to come out :>)!!)

edwin s said...

Bravo! this is an excellent post! I love the 'then and now' comparison.

Ovelikios said...

European history is an eternal fight of people against their oppressors. Now that we have peace and, relative, prosperity it´s time to move on and fight against poverty, racism and other modern plagues.

Thanks for sharing this magnificent photo with us, we all should never forget what happened in Europe from 1930 to 1990 and make sure that never happens again.

Ovelikios said...

Oh, I read in the news that riots are going ugly, rubber bullets etc. I hope everything will be OK and no people get hurt.

g help me said...

You are living in a wonderful city, thanks for sharing your city’s history with us …

selana18 said...

Very particular way to tell us about your city's annivesary.Interesting photo,its like playing the game of the differences.I really like the way you write.

NOTE:I invite you and Kris in Athens as here you can find the source of Gyros.

Zsolt72 said...

thank you for the comments..:)

selana.. thank you for the invitation. Kris? will we go to Athen for a huge gyros?:)

g help me...your visit is a real present to me because your site is WONDERFUL. I can recommend to everyone to visit it!!

oveilikos...i also hope the tension will be over soon.

kate...I dont mind the educators:) I listened to my teachers always with an attention. And I learned from them things are not black and white.

lisi..your comment made me think and I started to explore Hong Kong's history. Can you recommend me websites where I can read more about this issue?

jing..we dont have long term holiday...unless riots make the rector to close the University again for security reasons.

I agree with Nathalie..Lachezar's comment is very nice. I take a photo there with a pleasure but could you define pls which cathedral exactly you mean?

thank you again for your visits and thoughtful comments.

Kris said...

hahah, yup. i think an authenthic gyros now will help to chase the blues away ;)

Carlos said...

Comparing the same place iin two different photographs has been a fantastic idea. I have been reading about events in Budapest in the news.