Saturday traffic

Day of Nárcisz is Hungary. This is a Greek name which means flower.
Saturday traffic
On the weekend there is no traffic jam. At times it looks like decades ago when only few cars were on the streets. This is a saturday morning on the Kiskörút.
It seems you like to play. Collecting points, getting prize.:) Okay the next question is a bit more difficult but believe me it is worth to work on it. If you look at the photo carefully (use the Flickr view its better) you will know what is the Hungarian version of "FOR RENT". For one point again.
Today i go to get the prize..tomorrow you will know what you can win:)
John, Sally, Nathalie, Olivier, Kate, Jazzy, Lachezar, Jing, Kris, Bill, Dawn, Photowannabe, Carol have 1 point already.:) Just keep collecting and its not forbidden to join!


Lachezar said...

What is the name of the bridge ahead?

Jazzy said...

berelheto (upper left corner) - now we all know, hehe.
+1 point.

wow lots to look at, the street looks so great, buildings are colossal.

Zsolt72 said...

its not a problem Jazzy if everybody knows it now:) In this phase of the game just to join is the most important...Later will be not so easy:)

Jing said...

everyone knows it! me too la..
another point!!

Keropok Man said...


this is my first hungarian lesson! :-p

Lisi said...

great street scene!

Olivier said...

belle photo, les magasins ont de superbes couleurs.

beautiful photograph, the stores have superb colors.

Dawn said...

Berelheto. Beautiful photo

Annie said...

Today would be my maternal grandmother's name day, for her name was Narcissa. I didn't know that before you posted this info.

Best wishes to you, zsolt.

Zsolt72 said...

the name of the bridge is Szabadság (freedom) bridge. Some later I will show it closer.

thank your for the work you did to find the right answers. Everyone who wrote Bérelhető got the point (tomorrow I will publish the recent scores).

and thank you for all the nice comments.:)