Indian summer

Today is day of PETRA in Hungary.
They say its a hebrew, greek, latin name with the meaning of rock, stone.
The weather report said it was the last warm weekend of the year. The indian summer (which is rather called "summer of the old ladies" here) will be soon over. I like this period of the year, especially the nice warm evenings when you still can go out without warm coats and without seeing your own breath.


Jing said...

nice photo.What is that building? the top of a church building??
Anyway, full of foreign country romantic feelings~~

macky said...

I like this photo! perfectly clear sky. I hardly can see that kind of blue in Tokyo. It's beautiful.

Lisi said...

beautiful blue and nice composition

Annie said...

It is Indian Summer here in Arkansas, USA. But I think I will begin saying it is "the summer of the old ladies".

Nathalie said...

This is NICE !