Invitation letter

Day of Ferenc in Hungary. Greetings to every Ferenc, Frank, Franz, Francisco.:)
It was the nickname of Giovanni di Bernardone in his childhood.
But we know him better as Saint Francis of Assisi. He got this nickname because his mom was French.
Erzsebet bridge Every day I hope that I will find a new e-mail from Denton about "wiki changes" and Prague, Krakkow, Kiev, Saint-Petersburg, Brasov, Zagreb, Belgrade, Salzburg, Riga, Vilnius, Drezden and other wonderful cities of my area joined. This is a gentle invitation letter. I know running a daily photo site is a hard job, but if it encourages you...I can tell have a regular visitor already...only your site is missing.:)
By the way...on photo the Erzsébet (Elisabeth) bridge is visible.


Jing said...

Thx for sharing the stories about the different names everyday! reminds me of the different surnames in China, and very interesting to know them and also the culture from your country.
By the way, the bridge looks so nice!

Kala said...

its really neat to see new and exotic places joining the list - it takes me something like 2 hours going through only a quarter of the list but its so fascinating