Day of Amália in Hungary. Quite a rare name I dont know any Amális here.
Its origin is German comes from the gothic royal families and has a strange meaning: defence.
This photo was inspired by Jing's post about the Chinese mooncakes. There is a Mid-autumn festival in China and they eat those special mooncakes. Last night we had full (hehe accidentally first I typed: fool) moon and I could hardly sleep. Looking out of the window I saw how strange silver is the whole garden. So I went out and avoiding any influence of the flash I captured that silver coin on the sky. ....Thanks God I didnt became a werewolf.:) At least I dont remember......


Jing said...

Beautiful moon shot!! Of course better than what I took last night.
Um...also here we have an old proverb, we alwayls said that the moon on the 16th of the lunar August is much more rounded than the moon on the 15th of the lunar August(which day is the Mid-autumn festival).I dont know why...But you can see the moon tonight. It is still very beautiful as Zsolt's photo!!

Have a nice weekend!!

alice said...

What an interesting picture and idea. I love it. We've been having a beautiful moon here in Austin too. Amazing to think all of us around the world see the same moon even though we are a long way apart.

macky said...

Nice shoot. Your photo inspire me taking a full moon photo in Tokyo.
jing: it is also said that the 15th of the lunar August, now the 6th of October, is best to see the moon of all the year.

Nathalie said...

Fool moon eh????? What does that mean Dr Freud? I posted a photo of the full moon too, quite different from yours! We should have a city daily photobloggers theme day once on the night of the full moon. It would be wonderful to see it from different parts of the world, don't you think?