Present of Canada

In Hungary we celebrate Name-days. To every day of the year belongs a firstname. Today is the day of JEROMOS. This name has a greek origine. Means: having a holy name. So greetings to every JEROMOS:)

Weeks ago I posted the tulips...the present of Holland people to Hungary. And now here is the present of Canada. The waterfall is in the Westend City Center mall. It seems nations like to give presents for us:) Thank you CANADA:)

Some more photos you can see here....and a video here.


Jing said...

big stone...:)
and i am wondering why the stone and the waterfall are the twins?They appear at the same time if we notice all kinds of waterfalls in the garden.
Zsolt, is there anything from China?

Zsolt72 said...

hehe...Jing..I will try to find it. Maybe there is something from China, too. Maybe a Panda:)

Kris said...

Such a unique gift..i must check it out the next time i'm in westend . Thanks for the info. Zsolt:)

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