The Turul is a bird from the Hungarian legends. Most likely it is a huge falcon which showed the way to find the land of Hungary in the dream of Álmos. He was one of the seven leaders of Hungarians:
Álmos, Előd, Ond, Kond, Tas, Huba, Töhötöm. (wow I still remember!)
This Turul statue is located in Buda right beside the palace.
But this statue is a small one to compare to the Turul in Tatabánya 54 km away from Budapest. It is the town where I have spent the majority of my childhood but since its a Budapest daily photo site I didnt post a picture about that real huge Turul statue. But I have a short video about it....if you wanna see click here:


Lisi said...

Hi, Welcome to the DP family, Budapest is one of the few (relatively) European cities I've been to and I would love to see the city again at your blog!

John said...

That's magnificent.. what a gateway..well done.