Crossing the Rubicon


I have very mixed feelings. At times I feel ashamed. Thats what we are?
Then I remember that couple of months ago I have seen very similar photos from Paris and I didnt think French are animals. Couple of years ago I've seen Los Angeles in fire but I dont think Americans are bad. Two decades ago I've seen Belfast totally destroyed but I dont think British or Irish devils. Anyway...I still have this bad feeling.
I am sorry that the photos are not taken by me. You know I just dont want to go there. Not because I am afraid but because I dont want to take part in it in any way.


Kris said...

is it still so bad?
yes, the violent act could have been avoided. They have made themselves irrelavant..

Meg Nakagawa said...

Thanks for telling us you didn't take this yourself! At first I thought, oh, don't be silly. Stay safe. If it gets very bad, we'll let you post pictures of your toes, and count it as being part of Budapest.

Sari said...

Meg Nakagawa, you are so right. Yep, toes are allraight. :D

But, oh, I feel so sad to for you Zsolt. Don't think hungarians are animals... all the people are...hmm.. just humans.

On the other hand this kind of activity is a sign that the people has an opinion together, and that's good. But.. violence shouldn't be the way to show the anger.. Or havent we ordinary people left any other ways to say it, if we can't trust the politicians?

Anyway, keep safe and your head up.

Jing said...

Violence is really not a good way to show our feelings.
This kind of bad political things alwasy remind me that political tragedy in 1989 in China...I can understand you, Zsolt.
...Stay safe,anyway. :) Maybe tomorrow we all want to know that are your toes still safe??

Kate said...

Thank you for sharing both the photos and your sorrow for the events. Stay safe!

kaa said...

this is sad. sorry for u. hope things get better.

Eric said...

Have been following things in the news and thought about you. I do hope all is getting better and that you stay safe.