Corvinus University

This is the building of the Corvinus University of Budapest. The word Corvinus refers to the name of King Matthias Corvinus (1443-1490). He have got this name because his familie's coat of arm depicts a raven which is corvus in latin.
The Hunyadi is one of the most famous family in the Hungarian history and surely he was the most popular king. There are a lot of tales about him when he changed his clothes and went to the country-side, dressing like a poor wanderer student and when he faced some injustice he discovered his real identity saving the victims from the abusing wicked local noblement.
After he died the phrase became a commonplace: Matthias died, and so did the justice.


Kris said...

great photo, zsolt! accompany with interesting history :)

Jing said...

Beautiful universtiy~~
Can I apply to study there?? :D
I like those universities where once happened many stories~~

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great photo and great king!

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great photo and great story!

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nice story and warm lighting!

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Great nighttime shot, beautifully exposed!

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