These broadcasting stations are standing in front of the parliament building. Looking at them I feel like being in Steven Spielberg's E.T.:)


Jing said...

they are in line. some machine soldiers??

Kris said...

didnt expect vans from tv stations so bland..they're all white ..hmmm

Kate said...

Interesting photo and interesting comment. Love ET!! Phone home!!

Eric said...

This could be the U.S. catching the O.J. Simpson trial! The media has taken control, non?

Zsolt72 said...

Eric..yes I guess the presence of the media is good. But basically in front of the parliament the demonstrations are peaceful. The riots went to the National TV channel on Monday.
Kris...I got surprised, too that they are all white. I was thinking why they dont have more fantasy?:)
Jing..they are not soldiers. When I went close I saw reporters and cameramen sleeping in the van at opened doors. Its like a picnic for them:)
Kate..maybe ET is back:)

Gail's Man said...

How do you know that they belong to TV stations?
Big brother is still watching you.