Elizabeth bridge

Day of Imre in Hungary. It comes from German Amalrich, Emmerich which means powerful, famous, royal.
Elizabeth Bridge An another bridge of Budapest. The Elizabeth Bridge (Erzsébet híd) with the palace of Buda in the background. Actually this photo was taken right beside the green Szabadság (freedom) Bridge I posted the other day. So in the downtown bridges are pretty close to each other.


The right answer to the previous question was C, roman catholic
The 2001 Census of Population shows there are 10.198.315 people in Hungary altogether.

Among them:

5.289.521 Roman Catholic
1.622.796 Reformed
304.705 Evangelic

But it doesnt mean that so many people are religious in Hungary. They are baptisted maybe but if we look at the statistics how many people visit the churches we find that around 13% (1,3 millon) people are in fact religious. Hungarian society is rather secular.

(Congratulations for those who found it out. And don't worry if you've not. The game will last till 12th of November even if you've joined later, you still have a chance for the prize! Just answer in my comments box, and you are AUTOMATICALLY playing;)

The question of the day:

How many bridges cross the river Duna (Danube) in Budapest?

A, 9
B, 10
C, 11


Faye Pekas said...

The bridge and the palace are both beautiful. Doesn't look too cold there yet by what the people are wearing.

Lara said...

Danube, as well as the bridges across it, have a very important role in my life. Thank you for these postings! Have a nice Sunday! Oh, and what's the wiki list :)?

Meg Nakagawa said...

A, including railway crossings.

Dawn said...

C As far as I could find out 10 and 1 under construction

Zsolt72 said...

faye pekas...the photo was taken a bit earlier..but it was definitelly a cold day. I was in pullover and coat there and these crazy tourists maybe expected something tropical:)

Nathalie said...

I won't try to guess the number of bridges but I love yesterday's Bakats square church, your photo is magnificent.

Nathalie said...

PS - I am delighted to now be able to pronounce your name!

Olivier said...

ce panorama est superbe. pour les ponts, je voterais pour B.
Bon dimanche

this panorama is superb. for the bridges, I would vote for B. Good Sunday

Annie said...

What an attractive photo - the splash of red against the gray background. It's very interesting to look and look at all the sites and people.

Orly said...

Poeple, bridges and palaces all in one shot. Superb! I guess B.

Jazzy said...

never been to Budapest, but my Mom did and she loved it, it looks like it's a great bridge city.

this is what i found: "Altogether Budapest has 7 bridges and two for trains."?!
so my answer would be:
A, 9

i'm not really sure if i found the correct answer but still it's interesting to learn more abut Budapest every day. very good quiz.

Ann said...

i like this photo! the real city with people)))

not long ago i've read in newspaper about Budapest, as i remember there are 9 bridges :)
A, 9

Kate said...

I like the way the distant city is cradled in the curve of the bridge. I'll take a wild guess. How about "C"??

James said...

Ah, interesting. Shame your new hid won't be named after Stephen Colbert. I think half of America voted for the "Stephen Colbert Hid" in Budapest, anything to prevent another world landmark being named after Chuck Norris again.

James said...

Oh, forgot to answer the question. I'm going to guess 9 with the tenth being built. (?)

James said...

Hungary Hungary Hiplomat!

And lastly, a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEjOUWf1jzE

in case you don't watch the Colbert Report over there. This is when the Hungarian Ambassador to the UN came to give Colbert a passport and announce he won. Unfortunately, he'd have to be dead to have anything named after him.

Lachezar said...

Magnificent view!
9 bridges? :)

Zsolt72 said...

thank you for the comments!:)

It seems you know a lot about Hungary.:) And its good.:)

James..the Colbert híd story was just funny. But its not in Budapest its a bit to the north. And of course finally they didnt choose Colbert..it will be called Megyeri Híd which refers to the area. I am glad they didnt call it after a person because they always change names after the new ideologies. Hopefully Megyeri will be Megyeri in 100 years too:)