Chinese market

Day of Lénárd in Hungary. But whos care Lénárd?:) Today is my sister's birthday! Happy birthday Szilva!:)
Chinese market
This is the entrance of the Chinese Market in Budapest. We call it Józsefvárosi Piaci (Market of Józsefváros) which refers to the location, so we do not call it Chinese Market here. We even dont have a China Town the asian immigrants are integrated at least when it comes to housing.

The question of the day:

How many Chinese immigrants are apr. in Hungary?

A, 15.000
B, 45.000
C, 135.000


The right answer to the previous question was A, 9

Bridges from the south to the north:

1, Déli vasúti összekötő bridge (a bridge for trains)
2, Lágymányosi bridge
3, Petőfi bridge
4, Szabadság bridge
5, Erzsébet bridge
6, Lánc bridge (it sounds weird like this: Lánchíd or Chainbridge)
7, Margit bridge
8, Árpád bridge
9, Északi vasúti összekötő bridge (a bridge for trains)

(Congratulations for those who found it out. And don't worry if you've not. The game will last till 12th of November even if you've joined later, you still have a chance for the prize! Just answer in my comments box, and you are AUTOMATICALLY playing;)


kris said...

oh no, i'm late for yesterday's quiz! have to check for today's answer soon :)

ps. interesting post! I've always wondered if we have got China town, i past this market before but didnt make it inside! Also, reading one of the survey, am surprised that we have the largest asian (chinese) immigrants in europe! but they didnt provide the numbers :p

Meg Nakagawa said...

My best effort has been around 10,000 in 2002, so I'm going with A - 15,000. Not sure about the valid residency permit for one-year bit, but reading what Kris says, A seems such a tiny number.

Lachezar said...

I'd think 45000.
Funny I don't even know the the number of Chinese people in Auckland :)

Olivier said...

un marché chinois c'est toujours tres exotique, on en a des superbes à paris. je dirais B.

a Chinese market it is always very exotic, one has the superb ones in Paris. I would say B.

James said...

I'm surprised you have a Chinatown there so maybe B? Happy Birthday to your sister. So your sister's name is kind of like Silvia, but your name is like "Joltz?" Did I read that right? What is the root of that name?

In terms of my words, I type fast so I might occassionally be missing a letter of two, but mold-ridden is pretty self-explanitory and "grungy" just refers to "ugly, run-down, or dilapidated." If it is a person, they can referred to as "sketchy." Think of the Seatle band Nirvana and the "Grunge" genre of music in the early '90s. The term works well when referring to basements or garages.

But I think I just left out a space or combined a letter or two, which is why you (and probably everyone who read it) couldn't recognize it. I'll try to proof next time.

James said...

...or add a letter or two: *occasionally and *self-explanatory. What can I say, the type fonts are very small on my computer....

Kate said...

Looks like a busy place. My answer is A. Tell your sister, Happy Birthday from Daily Bloggers!

kris said...

Hi, again! my answer is A

jazzy said...

i love markets.

answer to today’s Q:
A, 15.000

Happy Birthday to your sister Szilva.

Keropok Man said...

Hey, your sis' birthday is the same as my sis' birthday. Both on the 6 Nov.

My guess for the quiz is C. 135000.

Lara said...

Happy Birthday, Szilva!!! Zsolt, I hope you got her a nice present! My best wishes to both of you! And... nice, your sis is a Scorpio too :))!!!

Lara said...

ps: you and I seem to be both in a "market mood" today with our photos:))... Huge Chinese market in Bucharest too, believe it or not it is called "Europa" :))!

Zsolt72 said...

Jing still cant post comments from she sent me her answer on yahoo. I copy it here:

the answer is b...i guess.:) and looks different from the market in Shanghai....:) did u buy some nice things there...??

Annie said...

Happy birthday to sister Szilva. I hope she has a lovely day and a wonderful year.

Zsolt72, I am so happy that my post today inspired your choice for tomorrow. I will have to check in to see what you show from your fair city.

The market picture is wonderfully inviting - I would love to walk among the stalls there, selecting something to cook for a Chinese dinner.

Zsolt72 said...

Thanks for the greetings you sent to my sister. I will meet her only on Sunday but today I bought to her the present.:)
She have a new baby a wonderful boy called Tomi and she is always worried about her shape (though she doesnt have to) after pregnancy. So I have bought to her a French book:

Mireille Guiliano
French women don't get fat

And my sister doesnt get fat too:)..I am sure she will be that 50Kg baby again very soon..especially after reading this book!:)

Faye Pekas said...

Happy Birthday Szilva! And congratulations on the new baby Tomi :)

This photo is interesting. It looks like the two men coming out bought a lot of things.

Lavender Lady said...

Very interesting. I like your daily quiz!