Day of Zsombor in Hungary. Its an ancient Hungarian name but its origin is Slavic. Means:: bufallo
I took this photo yesterday near to the University. This is the ship A38 (Artemovszk 38). It was just half past 3 pm but the colors started to be deeper and deeper around preparing for the sunset.

The question of the day:

What is the A38 ship?

A, A ship of a rich Ukrainian man to travel around.
B, An excursion ship for summer on the Duna (Danube) in Budapest.
C, A concert place and restaurant.


The right answer to the previous question is B, It was a tribute to the 70th birthday of Stalin.
I know its weird but it is like this. They change the name of the streets very often..and who knows why...they kept this numbers on the trolleys.
I will take some more (better) photos of the geographical museum and it's statues soon.

(Congratulations for those who found it out. And don't worry if you've not. The game will last till 12th of November even if you've joined later, you still have a chance for the prize! Just answer in my comments box, and you are AUTOMATICALLY playing;)


Kris said...

Jó reggelt, Zsolt!
My answer is C.
the photo appeared in full at the city photo portal while here only 1/2. Anyway, Nice!

Zsolt72 said...

Jó reggel Kris:)

I dont know what is happening with my blogger. I also realized that only a part of the photo appeared here...days ago my sidebar "jumped" down (it was not my intention) and fonts has changed (its also not something I did). And I am such an amateur in this:)

Meg Nakagawa said...

C. It's the Blogger Monster out to get us all.

jazzy said...

what a great cultural centre. cool place for a restaurant =) have you ever dined and wined there?

so the answer to today's Q is:
C, A concert place and restaurant.

Olivier said...

tout le monde dit C, moi je pense B.

everyone says C, me I think B.

Kate said...

I'm torn between B & C , but I'll settle on B. Love shots of ships and boats.

Zsolt72 said...

Jing's vote/comment is (isnt she cute taking part like this?):

mmm..Danube is much more beautiful than the huang pu river here.... so blue!!! and about the A38....hee hee, not a plane, mmm....my answer is ....C!!

James said...

c? I have no idea anymore. I think I see tables....

John said...

Another great water shot Zsolt, very nice.

Kala said...

I was going to answer C - A concert Place and restaurant - I guess I missed your previous question .

This ship looks a little like a lego ship - very nice photo with calm waters!