All saints day

Day of Achilles in Hungary. Greek name, means: the son of the snake.
my grandma
November 2 is the day of the dead in Hungary. But I didnt want to give this title to my post.

My sweet grandma is on the photo. When it came to taking photos she always prefered standing or sitting near to her flowers and plants.......and they were beautiful growing under her hands.

She has gone 9 years ago.

When I was child I saw a movie called The Blue Bird. Two children (sister and brother) went to search for the blue bird. On their way they visited their dead grandparents in the heaven who were very happy for the visit and they said to their grandchildren: - anytime you think of us the clouds will open and we can see you there downstairs.

I think very often of my grandma and I just hope when she sees me...... she is proud of least at times:)

She was born in 1917. Very hard times in our history. The question of the day is connected with this year:

What was in Hungary in 1917:

A, the KuK Monarchy
B, the Chrisantemum Revolution
C, the 133 days of the Hungarian-soviet-republic.

About the previous question:
The right answer is C, Magyarország and it seems it was very easy question. The other two countries: Oroszország = Russia, Olaszország = Italy if you wanna know.

(Congratulations for those who found it out. And don't worry if you've not. The game will last till 12th of November even if you've joined later, you still have a chance for the prize! Just answer in my comments box, and you are AUTOMATICALLY playing;)


Olivier said...

voila un bel hommage.

veiled a beautiful homage.

Kris said...

another quiz?
my partner had a hard time finding for answer to your last quiz! and I have yet to tell him i got it wrong. lol!

anyway, will come back with an answer if possible.

ps. Am sure your grandma is proud of you. All granmas do ;)

Meg Nakagawa said...

Hungary was still part of the KuK Monarchy for another year, so A.

Chrisanthemum Revolution was in 1918. Hungarian Soviet Republic was proclaimed in 1919.

This was a hard one. I knew the first couple of decades (really until the end of WWII??) was a busy period in Europe, and that you were smack in the middle of it all, but I hadn't realized how busy!

I also found a video of a helicopter patent from your government's patent office here:

Oh, the things I'm finding!

Lachezar said...

Zsolt, you have a very sharp eye :)

Beautiful photograph and touching story about your grandma.

As for 1917 it was the time of the dual monarchy Austria - Hungary kaiserlich und königlich

Kate said...

A great tribute to a loved one. The same idea takes place in México and other Spanish speaking countries, I'm sure, and it's called the Día de los Muertos(the Day of the Dead). Visit my blog today, and you'll see a typical display in the Hispanic community in St. Paul, MN.

I loved the story of being able to communicate with your grandparents!

Annie said...

In the U.S. we say that someone who grows lovely flowers and plants has a "green thumb". Is there a similar saying in Hungary?

I think your grandmother had one.

Carlos said...

I have heard many sad stories reading posts but these short lines about kids in the film, your chilhood memories and your missing grandmother made me feel a lump in my throat. I think we all have that someone that we admired and loved and we terribly miss after so much time. We remember sometimes our cheerful chilhood days and the presence of that loving face around us. We took them for granted then and now we miss them so much. Thanks for sharing this with us Zsolt.

Carlos said...

By the way, the answer is A I believe. I forgot it!

Lara said...

we will have this celebration on Saturday. my father among them, also lady M., my grandfather too... we miss them, but they are always in our minds and souls.

Dawn said...

My guess is B

photowannabe said...

A touching tribute to your Grandmother. Rememberance is good for the soul.
My answer is C.

Anonymous said...

very nice tribute to your grandmother.

this quiz is a greet way to learn a lot abut your country, the answer to your question today is:

A the KuK Monarchy.

sorry about yesterday's multiple comments, i pressed the send a few times because i couldn't see my comment and realized (too late) what i've done.

jazzy said...

blogger is playing with me lately, i'm on beta blogger and at the moment leaving comments who are not is a bit dodgy.
you guessed it right, the anonymus was me. un point pour toi =)

Seesaw said...

Beautiful remebrance, and and great blog you have here! Congratulations.
(Not to mention how beautiful city Budapest is!!!)