Sound of bells

Having these four churches around my place every day I can hear the peal. Its like a concert. They chime the bells several times but the real big deal is the noon time bell.
In 1456 János Hunyadi defended the fort Nándorfehévár (today Belgrade) from the ottoman (turk) army attack.

Since that year..remembering the buttle they chime the bells every day at noon in Europe. But instead of János Hunyadi and his buttle I rather remember my grandma's house in the Csokonai street. She had a little kitchen on the yard which we used as a summer kitchen having our meals there from late April till early October. When I hear the sound of bells at noon closing my eyes I can see that little kitchen, my grandma preparing the Hungarian clear soup. The old SOKOL radio is on the fridge and the game starts:

- "Ki nyer ma? Játék és muzsika 10 percben."

And every day at noon....not sooner and not later....the gossipy old woman Irma arrives.

- "Nem, szedjél nekem! Hogy vagytok drága Juliskám?"