It seems my first daily photos will be about churches. Its not because I am so religious (I am even not baptised) but these temples are nice witnesses of our everydays. There are like 4 churches very close to my place I will show them one by one giving a short story connected with churches to each.

In 1998 was in Berlin. It was not my first time in Germany but first time in Berlin. Near to the railway station which is a modern area I saw a half-church. Actually a half-tower of a former church. With its gray ruined walls beside the shiny glass palaces it looked like a silent cry. It was the most shocking building I ever seen. Seeing a trunk church is like seeing an injured human body. But this little chapel I posted here is cute. Small and cute...just like my country:)


Nathalie said...

Yes, very cute. But so tiny ! If not for the shape, would look more like a country house than a church!